2022 Finalists


ACES Ejection Seat

Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace is the manufacturer of ACES Ejection Seats, a critical life-saving device for military fighter, bomber and trainer aircraft. When abandoning the aircraft is the only option, the ACES Ejection Seat will safely eject the aircrew from the stricken aircraft once initiated by the aircrew while minimizing any potential for further injury. Since fielding in the 1970s, Collins Aerospace ejection seats have saved over 800 pilots and aircrew. The product is manufactured in Colorado Springs.


Beer Darts Set

Beer Darts Company

Beer Darts is a drinking game gadget that aims to disrupt the lawn game market through its compact and clever design. The product was created by two Colorado ski patrollers who started the business in their garage during the pandemic in 2020. The company’s Beer Darts game sets are manufactured in Summit County and add portability, safety, and style to the game.


Handmade Skis

Meier Skis

Meier Skis makes high performance, hand-crafted skis with respect for the environment. The beautifully designed, high-performance skis are handmade in Denver with eco-friendly and environmentally conscious materials. Since every pair of skis is handmade, the company provides customers with many customizable options for their skis.


Hemplime Insulation

Hemp Building Company

Hemplime, manufactured by Hemp Building Company in Longmont, is a bio composite insulation that replaces all of the components in conventional walls, floors or roofs found in buildings other than the framing. The insulation is composed of hemp hurd and limestone which helps create high-performance sustainable buildings. According to the company, Hemplime homes are carbon negative because the relatively small amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the creation of the materials is greatly outweighed by the CO2 that is absorbed by the material and locked away within the walls.


Marble Vodka 80

Marble Distilling Company

Marble Distilling Company makes their products locally and source their ingredients from local farmers while using sustainable methods of distillery. They are the only distiller that filters spirits through crushed, 99.5% calcite Yule marble from the quarry in Marble, Colorado. The company’s flagship Marble Vodka 80 is made with an original blend of all natural Colorado grains that provides a clean, flavorful grain base with a creamy malted finish.


Point Digit

Point Designs

Point Designs manufactures durable prosthetic fingers for people with partial hand amputation. Point Digit is a mechanical, passive articulating finger designed to be both lightweight and strong, using a patented, novel ratcheting mechanism to lock into 11 unique positions of flexion. Based in Lafayette, the company works alongside surgeons, hand therapists, prosthetists, and patients to provide prosthetic solutions that enable people to live fulfilling lives.


Portable Shower

Geyser Systems

Geyser Systems produces the world’s most advanced portable shower and cleaning system that was designed for those who love the outdoors. Built in Montrose, the innovative hot portable shower is 10 times more efficient than traditional camping showers and has saved over 1,740,000 gallons of water. The shower is sold at REI Co-op and Camping World stores and is top-rated with more than 400 reviews.


SunSpring Hybrid

Innovative Water Technologies

SunSpring Hybrid is a portable solar- and wind-powered, self-contained microbiological water purification system capable of producing up to and exceeding 20,000 liters per day for up to and exceeding 10 years. Manufactured in Rocky Ford, the SunSpring provides safe water for disaster relief and international development. It is currently deployed in 38 countries worldwide and is used for schools, hospitals, humanitarian projects, disasters, and even complete villages.


Tether Vertebral Body Tethering System

ZimVie Spine

ZimVie’s Tether device, a first-of-its-kind non-fusion treatment for children with scoliosis, is the first and only FDA-approved device for vertebral body tethering. The Tether is different from the other surgical treatments for scoliosis because the spine is still able to bend and flex, rather than being fixed in place. It also is the only device that uses children’s own growth process to straighten their curves. The device was designed and is manufactured in ZimVie’s Westminster facility.


Wad-Free for Bed Sheets

Brayniacs LLC

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets is a tool that prevents bed sheets from tangling, twisting and balling-up in both the washing machine and dryer. With this product, sheets come out of the wash cleaner and dry faster with fewer wrinkles. It also keeps washing machines balanced and saves time, money and energy on washing bed sheets. Manufactured in Englewood, the product was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.


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